Zombie 5k

Two of my best friends are the Sommer sisters, Bethany and Sierra. My own sister, Kelsey, and I have been friends with them for over 20 years. For all intents and purposes, I think of them as my own sisters and therefore I refer to their mom as “Momma Lisa” because she is my mother from another sista! 😉

Every Halloween, Momma Lisa is in charge of Centerville city’s Zombie Run 5k and it is such a fun event. Each contestant gets 2 flags that we tuck into our waist band and a 3 minute head start on the zombies, who are members of a local high school team all dressed up in their nasty zombie costumes. As the zombies come racing by, and I do mean RACING by (how do they finish 10 minutes before me when they didn’t even start until 3 minutes after me?!), their goal is to steal your flags but if you somehow (read: miraculously) manage to outrun them, you receive an extra ticket for the raffle drawing of prizes that have been donated by businesses in the community. These prizes are legit – Theatre tickets, massage gift cards, movie tickets, gym memberships, cash prizes! Unfortunately, I lost both my flags this year and didn’t win anything.

BUT, there is good news! My first 5k I ever ran was this Zombie Run in 2014 after I’d been working with my personal trainer for 5 months and I finished the race in 33 minutes. This year, after 17 months working with my trainer, I beat my time by 3 WHOLE minutes!  I was pretty darn excited and my goal next year is to finish in 27 minutes.

If you want to run it with me next next year, just let me know and I’ll remind you. You will love it – I promise! Not a runner? No problem! You will be once there are Zombies chasing you down the street.


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