Running Away to California

There are few things in life that rejuvenate my soul quite like California.  The radiant sunshine, salty air and the sound of crashing waves awaken something in me that I just can’t quite put into words. I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF IT and I plan a California getaway at least once a year.  This year, however, because of my adventure to Italy in September I decided to be responsible and not spend money on California as well, but my soul had others plans – it rebelled against such a notion and planned a spontaneous trip all on its own. 😉 It went a little something like this:

Wednesday   4:00 PM – Text Kels and tell her we’re running away to California. She responds with a     resounding YES!

7:00 PM – Run home from work, stuff food in my mouth and throw clothes in a bag (not that hard, I just need a swim suit, right?!?).

7:30 PM – Leave UT and drive ALL night

Thursday       8:30 AM – Arrive in Malibu, CA

We entered Malibu in the early hours through a beautiful canyon as the morning fog was still surroundings the mountains. As we drove out of the canyon, the ocean was right before us spanning the horizon for miles. It was dreamy and just what I was needing.  We spent the next 4 days napping on the beach, swimming in the ocean, eating delicious food and visiting with some old friends. SPONTANEITY FOR THE WIN!


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