My Mountains

For as long as I can remember, I have had a fascination with “my” mountains. My childhood home sits on 6 acres of land located only 3 miles west of the Wasatch Mountains – they are practically my back yard.  The view is incredible and it does my heart good to sit outside and watch as the sun sets and casts a purple glow over the mountain range.

When I was a child, I got the notion they somehow belonged to me and I would always ask my family, “Aren’t my mountains pretty?” That love has stayed with me my whole life and every Sunday I do my best to get out in them and do some hiking.  To me, it is an amazing form of connection as I focus on and appreciate this beautiful world that God has created for me. I praise him every day for this rad world I get to live in and explore.

One Sunday morning as I sat up top of Big Cottonwood Canyon in SLC, I reflected on why the mountains called so strongly to me and jotted down these thoughts:

“My mountains are my home and when they call, I have no choice but to answer. They invigorate my spirit and renew my soul. In this place, I can wander without my cares and struggles, with no thought of my daily to-do lists or what others expect of me. I can let this lion’s mane of mine flow free and leave my make up behind. I do not think of those that may be watching nor do I care what they see. I connect with Mother Earth as she takes me as I am and loves me for it. As she embraces me and whispers, “You are enough. You are whole. Just be free.”

Big Cottonwood Canyon • SLC, UT

It is my opinion, that in order to find bliss in your life you must have some “special place” where you can leave your cares behind, connect with your deeper self and refill your soul. It doesn’t need to be the mountains – it can be the ocean, a yoga class, your garden – but it does need to to exist and you need to go there often.

Where is your special place?


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